Handcrafted Pine Accent Furniture
From The Past
For Today's Living
Handcrafted in
Eagle River, WI.
Fell the Trees
Trim the Limbs off
Cut to Length
Yes - We Use a Chainsaw
Our Sawmill in Action
 That Was Work  
   "Nap Time"     
Load the Logs
Plane One Side
Unload at Our Sawmill
Pile the Lumber to Dry
Roll Log Into Place
A Board is Cut
Saw the Log
About Our Sawmill
Welcome to BROADAX FURNITURE. Indulge in a bit of north woods pioneer
history, blend it with today's craftsmanship, and you will find your self
looking at quality handcrafted pine accent Lodge-Look Furniture that is
the best you can find anywhere.  We start with logging our own trees.
The two man saw you see above is the one my grandfather used at the
turn of the century to build his first log home, and in 1903, cut trees to
build the log cabin that is now
our northern white pine logs into boards in our sawmill behind our
shop and store.  We then stack the boards with divider strips between
each layer of boards to dry. The dried boards are then planed on one
side and they are ready for our shop craftsmen to create your lodge-look
accent furniture.  In the shop, we sand the mill sawn side to remove the
fuzz while leaving the sawmill blade tracks, creating a very warm and
pleasing rustic look. The lumber is then cut, shaped, sanded and
assembled into accent furniture. The furniture is stained with our
custom mixed stain, and protected with two coats of hand rubbed floor
wax. Please return to our home page and browse through the broad
variety of hand crafted accent furniture available to you. Enjoy selecting
BROADAX FURNITURE accents, ideal for your home or as a gift to your
friends for them to enjoy in there home for a long time.