Handcrafted Pine Accent Furniture
From The Past
For Today's Living
Handcrafted in
Eagle River, WI.
Country Brown
Wild Honey
Broadax - CB
Broadax - Unfinished
Broadax - WH
Our Finish and How to Care For It
In the pioneer days, tar diluted with thinner, was a commonly used wood
preservative. Wood items that were to be used outside were soaked in this for
protection from the weather. Sometimes a stain was added to give it the color
desired. Today we still use that technique, and it brings the grain of the wood
to life as no other stain can. We go one step further, to protect and enhance its
beauty for you, by applying 2 coats of hand rubbed durable floor traffic paste
wax. The blending of the tar in our stain and the paste wax gives our furniture
warmth unmatched by any other finish. If your furniture were to get marred, a
coat of wax will usually take care of it. Lightly apply paste wax with a sponge
in a circular motion and buff when dry. This will not remove the dent but will
usually mellow it to a mark of character. If over the years your furniture looses
its full luster, apply a coat of paste wax, buff, and your furniture will have the
luster renewed. Another very important feature of our furniture is that we use
only "Northern" white pine. All of our lumber is from our Northern Wisconsin
Pine Country. Here we have long cold winters and trees grow slow resulting in
tighter grained lumber, with more beauty and durability that southern pine. We
only harvest trees in the cold winter when the sap (pitch) is stored in the roots.
For you, this means a prettier grain pattern, lumber that will not bleed pitch,
and is a more stable piece of furniture. For those of you that choose to paint
our unfinished furniture, it would be good to seal the knots to keep them from
discoloring, then paint with whatever paint you desire. To stain, no special
preparation is needed. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may
have. We hope you enjoy your piece of furniture from God's Country Furniture
for many years to come.